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Drying Chamber
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Drying Chamber

Curing chambers for the concrete industry

High manufacturing capacities are the norm in the concrete and precast industry. Fully automatic production lines, which are often operated in multi-shift systems, manufacture thousands of square metres of concrete paving every day. Kerbstones, hollow bricks and garden elements are further examples.

Curing chambers are the logistic link between the wet and dry sides in these production lines. The freshly made elements are stored and the hardened products retrieved, assembled into packets and prepared for dispatch. The necessary storage capacities must be provided – stable, resilient, dimensionally accurate.

Big chamber or singe chamber system, board capacity, board loading and spatial requirements are just a few of the factors to be considered in order to arrival at a complete made-to-measure system.

The complete range:

  • Curing cambers made of aluminium profile or specially galvanised steel profile
  • Free standing version with facade
  •  Air circulation systems
  • Board buffer shelves
  • Mould storage racks
  • Special racks
  • Rails and sleepers
  • Chamber insulation
  • Roller shutters
  • Complete assembly

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