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AMEthyst 2000 38.000 PIECES
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AMEthyst 2000

The AMEthyst 2000 model is used for the stationary manufacture of concrete products on production boards. The machine is fitted as standard with a silo for coarse concrete and face concrete. The production boards are transported in a lengthwise direction to the machine. The entire coarse concrete and face concrete filling unit is height-adjustable. It is located above the vibration table. The vibration table itself is decoupled from the machine. This prevents vibrations being transmitted to the machine.

Possible Plant: Premium Class

Board Size 1.400 x 1.300 x 50 mm
Mould Utilization 1.300 x 1.250 mm
Paving Stones 80 mm Up to 3.000 m2
Blocks 400/200/200 mm Up to 38.000 pieces
Curbstones 1000/200/150 mm up to 7.500 pieces

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