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AMEthyst 1500 HS 23.000 PIECES
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AMEthyst 1500 HS

The AMEthyst 1500 HS model is used for the stationary manufacture of concrete products on production boards. The concept of this machine is similar to the AMEthyst 1300, however this machine is significantly more compact and supports shorter cycle times and taller products. In this plant, the production boards are guided longitudinally through the machine.


Possible Plant: Premium Class

Board Size 1.400 x 1.100 x 50 mm
Mould Utilization 1.300 x 1.050 mm
Paving Stones 80 mm Up to 2.400 m2
Blocks 400/200/200 mm Up to 23.000 pieces
Curb Stones up to 5.000 pieces

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